ICT Dynamics Ltd
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2004 - 2007
ICT Dynamics Ltd


ICT Dynamics is a small independent consultancy which takes pride in offering professional, tactical and strategic advice. ICT Dynamics can assist you in implementing a business focussed IT strategy.

Whether you are simply looking to purchase hardware or software, or are looking at ways in which you can harness the Internet or create a corporate website, we can assist.

Established businesses may be considering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) either Onshore or even Offshore, ICT Dynamics can assist with this strategic objective. Should an Interim ICT Manager be required in your organisation, an experienced manager can be quickly put in place for as long as required. Our consultants will not just provide advice in a 'consultant' role but will roll up their sleeves and work as part of your team to get results.

Being independent we have no allegiance to any Hardware or Software vendor, Outsourcing vendor, Communications, Cabling organisation or Network service provider. Our clients come first.